Keeping History Alive


Some of the earliest settlers came to Waupaca in the mid-1800s looking for the "wonderful falls" on the Waupaca River that they'd heard so much about. Some say "Waupaca" means tomorrow, sparkling waters, clear water or brave young hero. Others credit the city’s name to an old American Indian chief – "Wa-Puka" – whose name means, "watching."

Whatever its origin, the Waupaca area is rich in history. The Waupaca Historical Society, located in downtown Waupaca on Main Street, strives to preserve that history while educating and informing the public. Visit one of our four facilities today and let us help you discover Waupaca's past today!


Current Exhibits at the Holly Center

Keeping History Alive: A Look at What's New at the Waupaca Historical Society

The Story of H.C. Mead and His Murder

Also check out our small exhibitions about local schools and Waupaca's businesses and organizations! 

Main Street Through the Years